Our crew was brought together through the love of fire and performance in 2011 with the collective ambition to take our art form to the next level. With most of our performers already having years of experience behind them it was decided to collaborate with like minded local musicians, directors, safety technicians, costume, prop and set designers to combine forces to create high quality productions.

PyroCeltica was born.

We received initial funding from Creative Scotland which set us off to a flying start and we have never looked back. Now our group continues its momentum with a busy upcoming schedule and a brand new fire showcase each year. This always features a fresh new sound track and choreographed story-line, with new props, additional set and bespoke costumes as we push the boundaries further than ever before.

In 2011 and 2012 we started to make our mark on the festival circuit- even making it to Holland to perform our Fire Folk show. By 2013 PyroCeltica had sustained a strong and reliable group of performers all dedicated to their art form, being asked back again and again to perform around the country with our show ‘Clash of the Clans’.

In 2013 our newest and most impressive member joined the group- Hurtle the Fire Engine. This vintage, one of a kind fire engine has been our backdrop, stage, 4kw sound system and transport for many shows. We are able to perform on top of the fire engine, pulling up the sides to reveal our sound system playing our bespoke soundtrack. This makes a dramatic backdrop to our shows, and an impressive vehicle to have at any event!

Additionally in 2013 PyroCeltica traveled once again overseas, heading up the UK Fireworks Collective to perform at Burning Man festival in Nevada, United States. Our team organised a crew of 36 performers from all around the UK to create a piece for the worlds largest fire show. We then proceeded to tour the states visiting other festivals and performing on the trip, organising the tour and theme camp for all participants.

Back in the UK PyroCeltica have continued with a busy schedule, performing at high profile events and continuing our relationships with established UK festivals preparing for the summer.

2014 is set to be another exciting year for PyroCeltica and we look forward to sharing it with you.