Fire Engine Stage with PA

Preparing Hurtle for a show

 ‘Hurtle’, our one of a kind vintage fire engine is modified into a mobile performance stage. She houses a 4kw Turbo Sound P.A system in the side shutters and has steps leading up to the flat roof with handrails.
We use the top of Hurtle as a stage for fire performances but she is also great as a roaming stage for bands, djs, guest speakers and parades.

Hurtle is a Chubb Pace Setter, a rare beast indeed with only 10 of them ever made as prototypes with a vision of being the fire engine of the future.
She was a joint engineering project between Chubb, Loughborough university and Merseyside fire brigade with cutting edge experimental design there was no expense spared in her construction.
She was first displayed at the International Fire Convention in 1975 after several years of building and testing.  Unlike most fire engines she sports a front mounted Godiva pump with a Detroit Diesel V6 engine mounted in the rear.  The other 9 prototypes which have all now been shipped out of the UK all had Perkins diesel engines making her the only one left in Britain and the only one in existence with this engine.

She is perfect for our needs housing all our pyro gear and P.A allowing us to quickly pop up our show. We use the blind side as our tech area with the roof and the fore ground as our stage.  With space for 6 crew members inside and a large roof capacity for transporting our set design and ladders.

Hurtle is available on her own for events or as part of our show.
With everything set up inside she is plug and play.

  • Ideal for DJ sets and small bands/ live music  on the roof, the P.A packs a punch and has 16 inputs to plug in any instrument.
  • Perfect for Public speaking with more height than a conventional stage and comes with a wireless mic set up.
  • Well suited for parades, slow roaming and pop up parties.

The roof is constructed using check plate alloy for a non slip surface,  We have custom made a sturdy quick release staircase for easy roof access.  She is surrounded by a scaffold and steel rope safety barrier making it safe to be up there in all kinds of weather.
All the blues and twos work with 3 different siren noises and 4 flashing lights.

She turns heads everywhere she goes and is certain to add a memorable flair to your event.

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