Firefolk Show

Pyroceltica @ Scottish Love in Action 2011

Fire Folk is our first major fire theatre piece made in 2011 and is not currently performed.

We mesmerise audiences with our fusion of Celtic drumming, atmospheric soundscapes, fire theatre and pyrotechnics.

Our 2011 show is based on Celtic folklore and is performed by an array of otherworldly characters: giant stilt walking monsters, celtic warriors and faerie folk.

For 30 mesmerising minutes our 20 skilled and dedicated performers will bring to life an epic story of love, death, war, revenge and unity, all portrayed through the battle between good and evil and the ethereal forces which bind us all.

Gasp as the warriors of Tara, near defeat in a battle of fire with the Giants of Cateran, are saved by the Tylwyth Teg faerie folk with their magic potion for an explosive finale.

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