Safety and professionalism in high quality entertainment are our main priorities.

  • We are fully insured for all our activities with public liability of up to 5 million pounds.
  •  Site specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements are provided prior to each event , these are made available along with a Custom Contract, Safety Policy and our Insurance documents every time we stage a performance.
  • All of our performers hold certificates in First Aid, Child protection and have been PVG accredited through Disclosure Scotland.
  • Our  dedicated team of fire technicians and stewards are trained and experienced in all aspects of fire safety/prevention, crowd control and safe practices.  Each performance comes with a head technician to manage backstage and control all of our flame and pyrotechnic effects.
  • We have a very strict safety policy pertaining to the safe storage, handling and transport of fuel, flammable items and explosives which is available upon request.
  • Performance area checks are always made prior to each show and the area marked off with a crowd barrier allowing a 3 metre corridor between the audience and the fire. We take up to 2 hours prior to each show to prepare the area in accordance with our safety guidelines.
  • All of our equipment, props and costumes are safety checked and fire proofed prior to each event.
  • Our performance area will always contain a safe backstage area for fuel and equipment. We always carry a full range of extinguishers, fire blankets and first aid kit.
  • All of our performers are highly skilled and proficient in their routines with all of our shows having been thoroughly rehearsed.