Fire Cabaret

Kelburn 2012

A choreographed variety show made up of a series of skill based fire acts interspersed with interactions from strange characters.

Our cabaret show can be custom made from a 15 minute show right up to a full hour of high quality interactive entertainment.
It can also be split into its individual components as follows:

  • Staff, double staff, contact staff, bungee staff, firework staff
  • Poi, partner poi and group poi formations
  • Club spinning, club juggling and group club formations
  • Fire hula hooping / fire fan dancing
  • Fire manipulation / fire eating and breathing
  • Fire sword fighting.
  • Fire hands (where we safely yet impressively set our hands on fire)

The routines are 3-5 minutes in length and can be tailored to suit any outdoor event.

See the Fire Cabaret Gallery

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