Technical Specifications

There are certain requirements if you would like us to perform at your event.

Outdoor fire shows

  • We are required for insurance purposes to maintain a safe distance of 3 metres between the fire and the audience.
  • We normally require a performance space with a minimum size of 5 x 5 metres.
  • For our larger shows we require 12 x 12 metres. This includes a 3 x 3 metre backstage area and audience safety allowance.
  • We need a ground surface of gravel, stone/concrete, sand or grass or appropriate staging.  No surfaces will be damaged by our performance.
  • For larger events we request that onsite first aid, police and emergency teams are informed of the performance.
  • Up to 2 hours of preparation are required on site prior to each performance with pack down time of up to 1 hour.
  • Safety cordons are required for each event.  We can supply a taped off perimeter but for larger events we require a crowd safety barrier.
  • Our performances can be staged in all weather types.

Indoor fire shows

  • Indoor fire performances are possible prior to  safety inspection.
  • All surroundings must be clear of decoration unless fireproofed.
  • The room must have adequate ventilation, fire alarm and emergency exits.
  • We provide a fireproof floor covering.
  • We use a special type of eco friendly, smoke free fuel.

Power requirements

  • Between 1kw and 6kw of electricity is required depending on our set up for each event.  We will always state our power requirements prior to attendance.
  • We can connect to any socket or generator and come prepared with  50 metres of 16amp cable  and our own distribution board.

Dressing rooms and backstage requirements

  • We usually require a room to prepare for changing into costumes and body paint.
  • Access to a water tap and drain.

Circus workshops and walkabout

  • For Circus workshops we require a hall or covered space of appropriate size at approximately 2 metres squared per person.
  • Outdoor workshops are usually weather dependent.
  • Walkabout characters are suitable for all weather.
  • Backstage areas are welcomed for changing and storing valuables.