PyroCeltica can provide a variety of walkabout acts for festivals, street parades, parties and events.

We have a number of acts available including:

  • Band of Pirates – roam your event swashbuckling, taking slaves and making unsuspecting victims walk the plank.
  • Farmer Brows and Herd of Cows – The naughty cows escape the farmer to perform acrobatics and circus tricks.
  • Gargoyles and master – naughty gargoyles keep escaping from their stilt walking master creating mischief.
  • The fun police – making sure the law of fun is upheld by reasonable force using inflatable truncheons and feather dusters. a noisy colourful bunch.
  • A variety of Stilt walking characters from gruesome giants to alien invaders.

If you have an idea you would like brought to life we will gladly tailor make character costumes to suit the style of your event.

Our entertaining characters are suitable for meeting, greeting or scaring your guests.  They are perfect for roaming work,  tirelessly working crowds and provoking laughter and merriment.

See the Walkabout Gallery

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